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Fly Fishing Lewiston Lake


Lewiston Lake is a narrow 9 mile body of slow moving water which stages between Trinity Lake and the head water of the Trinity River. It has an average depth of 6-8 ft. as it meanders peacefully through weed-lined channels along the banks. The lake is unusual for a reservoir because its level doesn't fluctuate and the water is very constant 50 degrees. Its purpose is to provide a constant flow of water through the Clear Creek Tunnel, which delivers water to a power house at Whiskey town Reservoir. As a result, it looks very much like a natural lake with some marshy shores.

Fly fishing on Lewiston Lake is a great deal like fishing some of the bigger spring creeks of the west. We mostly sight fish using a low sided jet boat with front and rear casting decks. We quietly negotiate the weed beds and marshes locating the concentrations of fish, where we anchor and fish from the boat, or wade the shallows. Lewiston Lake is a true trophy trout fishery, planted annually with large Eagle Lake strain trout up to 15lbs. It is not uncommon to hook several fish in a day between 4-6 lbs. The lake also has German browns, Brook Trout and Kokanee Salmon. We usually fish the mornings stripping leaches with intermediate and sinking tip lines, and go to the surface with dry lines, once the hatches start. 5 and 6 wt lines work the best.


This Lowe roughneck was rigged for Lewiston. The boat has a 40 Jet and very low profile which helps in getting close to the schools of fish in the shallows. The bow mounted trolling motor is remotely controlled so as to not interfere with the two casting decks.