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Trinity River Adventures
Salmon Fishing

Salmon season on the upper Trinity River starts in June with the arrival of the spring run Chinook. These silver fish average 8 to 15 pounds and are a handful on light tackle (which we specialize in). We typically fish for these monsters using conventional gear. But we fly-fish for them as well. We swing larger 5" articulated bunny leaches down into the head of pools and deep riffles where the lead aggressive fish hang out. We are generally using 10-12 wt rods with 300-450 grain shooting heads. The grab can take the rod out of your hand. The hook to land ratio is not real good, about 50% at best. When hooked these large fish go crazy with no where to run but up or down river, and unless you have room to chase them they generally get to keep your fly. We also pull plugs in the deeper holes where the fish group up on the journey to their spawning grounds. The water is crystal clear and it is quite an experience to drift up on these fish, where sometimes all you see is waves of huge shadows darting under the drift boat as we make our way down river to the next fishing location.

We primarily fish the upper 90 miles of the Trinity River from Lewiston dam down to the Hoopa reservation, We generally fish out of the drift boat, for Salmon, but we do get out and fish as much as possible. We can fish a different stretch of the river every day of the week.

August brings the arrival of the fall run Chinook. These fresh fish are like the spring run except they usually arrive accompanied with more steelhead and Coho mixed in. Coho (silver Salmon) are not as large as the Chinook but are extremely beautiful with their vibrant green backs and red accented sides. They usually rang 6 to 12 lbs., and It is not unusual to catch both in the same day. You will also see the spring run Chinook on their redds; (spawning beds) at this time of year. The Steelhead often lay just behind the beds looking for loose eggs and bugs that drift loose.

This time of year the river is very peaceful with cooler evenings, school has started and there are fewer campers and rafters on the water. The steelhead fishing also picks up as winter approaches. Our boats and equipment are state of the art, with everything you need to catch that trophy salmon, including heaters in the boat for those chilly mornings and digital cameras to document the fishing adventure that you will never forget.


Lets go Salmon fishing !!!!!!