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Trinity River Adventures
Steelhead Fishing

There is nothing like the grab of a wild Trinity Steelhead.
They are considered by many as the holy grail of all freshwater fish. Fly-fisherman flock to the Trinity River from all over the world to test their skills against this allusive fish. Steelhead arrive in the early fall and winter, the coldest part of the year. Even the most seasoned fly-fisherman can be challenged by these large fish. Steelhead seem to be in the most inaccessible stretches of the river, when they grab they can take the rod out of your hand. Some cold mornings your guides freeze solid before you can get a cast off. Once you do hook one you had better be ready to strip line, because the fish often heads straight up river at you. If you are lucky enough to keep up with her without spitting the barb-less fly, she will probably decide to go aerial or maybe just bury herself in the closest submerged bush or fallen tree. Steelheading, once it is in your blood you will find yourself daydreaming about it all year long.

Trinity Steelhead average from 5-7 lbs with an occasional 8-12 lb. They are a mixture of wild and hatchery fish. My favorite weight rod for the Trinity is a 7wt, but a 6wt rod with backbone will work fine. We mostly use weight forward floating lines, sinking tips and Slime lines for swinging.

We start fishing for these guys down river at the end of September. The nights are starting to get cool and the kids are back in school, the river is more peaceful. The spring run Salmon are usually on their redds by this time, and the Steelhead are often holding right below them. We usually fish traditional techniques for these fish, dead drifting nymphs, swinging leaches and soft hackles or skating Muddlers on the surface. I prefer more traditional methods as it's at a slower more thorough pace and you can feel that grab. Occasionally with the warm afternoons of late winter we often get hatches of stoneflies and PMD’s, where we catch Steelhead on the surface. (For some this is the ultimate fly-fishing experience!!) We usually have a nice little push of winter run steelies that show up in late Dec.-Jan. We have heaters in our boats and we often cook up a warm lunch on those cold days. Dress warm, Come and fish the Trinity for Steelhead in the fall or winter

You will have a fishing adventure you will never forget!